Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jathan's 1st Birthday

Well aren't we just the greatest bloggers. Our 1st post I mentioned that Jathan is 4 months, 8 months later we get to post our 2nd. We on a role!!

Anyways, this is the invite to Jathan's 1st Birthday Party.

Jeannine and I are so looking forward to it. Jeannine more so as she's arranging everything and comes home everyday so excited on what's been organised and how awesome the day's going to be.

I went to the shops yesterday to get him a winnie the pooh outfit (that's the theme) but couldn't find an outfit for boys. All I found was spider man, lion king, cars- you know BOYS STUFF. So we like to dress our boy like a fruitcake. He he he, just kidding, he'll take you out any day!!

We just can't believe he's almost 1. WE often catch him standing by himself and soon he's going to be running around like a loonie. Can't wait, but for now he's on all 4's like speedy around the house.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well this is a first. I always check out my buddies blogs and after umming and aahing forever i finally created our own blog.
As im sure most of you know by now that we have a new addition to our family, he goes by the name of Jathan Oliver Haskell and he is just so awesome!!

We call him our little 'Buddha', that's only coz he's the chubbiest little guy ever!

Jeannine does the night shifts and allows me to get a good nights rest so that i'm not some crazy Zombie the next day. Very grateful to her for that might i add! otherwise as soon as i get home in the evenings its my time with our bundle of joy. We are loving parenthood and learning by the day.
Jathan is 4 months now and it seems like yesterday that Nin was in labour. He's weighing 8.3kg's, explains why we call him our little Buddha! Ha ha ha.
He looks exactly like his Grandad-Ric. He's carrying alot of the Steyn gene. Tallish and well built (for the men only girls, so take it easy.) ha ha
Loving the experience and amazing memories!!

Short & sweet, cheers.